Urban Tulsa Weekly
A Bountiful Sound
Table set for music scene success

"Also on the horizon is the debut disc by Sovereign Dame, a female-fronted rock act led by Felicia Andrews. Essentially, she's got Baron Von Swagger as her backing band, but the dual guitars of Nick Arnhols and Bradley Thomas set back to balance against Andrews' vocals, giving it a slightly more soulful feel.
Granted, Andrews benefits from the punch and energy that the Baron Von Swagger guys provide, but so far, she's proven to be an able front-woman, able to swing between the power-rock vibe of Heart or Pat Benatar and an aggressive soul vibe, channeling a little Donna Summer or Gloria Gaynor with a rock attitude, depending on what the night and circumstances call for.

Andrews was originally aiming for a fall/winter release for this disc, but no date has been announced as of yet, as the final mix and mastering is being worked on. This one should come across the horizon shortly, however, as I know that the band was recently busy with a fresh photo shoot, so the wheels are obviously in motion, gearing up for a pending release."

~GK Hizer